"Armour Piercing capability at the cost of range. Wouldn't recommend past close range."


The AP2 is another improvised variant of the Heavy Pistol Series, created to use excess .50 Caliber ammunition left in the wake of the first CLA-UNCE Skirmishes. The components used to create it were from broken Armour-Piercing Rifles, attached and modified to fit existing pistols. The resulting weapon resulted in a close-ranged but highly deadly weapon capable of piercing the vital components of heavy tanks and artillery units. Its current iteration sports a 12.7mm IMPS round with a large housing that requires two hands to operate. The new version also sports capability to support tracking chips and beacons to be inserted into armour, as well as being capable to support standard bolts found in tool boxes in civilian areas (Albeit at decreased efficiency) thus making them support a wide range of ammunition types. 

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