"Many people don't see the value of a six-twenty in combat, claiming the em-two-thirty-one can do the same thing. Let me tell you, when a S'pher soldier is bearing down on you and you're just rippin' through the armour like nuthin', tell me again that a BR isn't useful."

-Army Sergeant Danny Aiken, Riot Police Officer on Refuge


While nearly non-existent since the 20th Century, Battle rifles were brought back into use as semi-automatic medium range rifles after the UOS became a much more significant threat, as it became desperately clear that heavier Alien armour could outmatch the projectiles fired by most weapons employed by the UCE . It later proved useful after the outbreak of the Human-S'pher war when the rifles would be put to great use against the enemy. It fires a larger caliber than the M231 Series and has an optimal range longer than that of an assult rifle. Despite this, it is not classed as a DMR due to having not nearly a long enough range or heavy enough caliber. It has a 25 round magazine of 7.25x51mm IMPS Round, with a gap of 0.5 seconds between firing. It is mainly employed by security and police sniper teams, with military marksmen preferring the R5 DMR series.

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