"Between an SMG and an AR, the C-Series performs as an excellent short range semi weapon."

-Arms Master Davenport, regarding the C-Series Carbine


The C-Series carbine was the first weapon series developed specifically for use on colony worlds, using specs from captured AK-93s in the Exilion Wars. It has a magazine size of 30 rounds and uses interchangeable ammunition with the M231 , of which it was designed side-by-side with by Irisi Armouries, sharing a similar aesthetic.


The C-Series has seen many variants brought into service, much like the M231 .


The C-112 was introduced shortly before the Exilion War's end, and became a staple rifle in the war for the UNCE. It was designed a short-range rifle for quick identification and aiming of targets on Exilion's dust-ridden service.


Introduced after the Exilion Wars, this sub-variant was mainly an update from the techniques used in creating AK-93s , though never saw widespread use due to having little need for it after the war's end and introduction of the M231.


A heavier version, the C-680, was introduced for combatants in the Human-S'pher war, filling a similar role to its ancestor, the C-112.


This version was designed specifically for Dragonfire soldiers, using adaptive camouflage and a lighter/ quieter kit.


Much like all UCE weapons with an 'E' suffix, this version was designed for boarding actions on capital ships in space, succeeding in this role massively.

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