"Down on Exilion, conditions are tough. Even if you fought on Gobi Varrant or Point-Oh-Five, you can never be prepared for Exilion."

-Sergeant Henson, during a squad briefing about Exilion


The second planet in the Procyon system, Exilion is one of the most hostile worlds colonised by humanity, being a largely desert world. Its surface is known for its famous dust storms and tornados, which can last for weeks on end and rival the conditions shown by pre-terraforming Mars.


Colonised in 2156, Exilion was made famous for its huge ore deposits in its surface, which made the risk the planet's environment posed worth the reward. The cities on the surface prospered easily enough and created huge walls around the boundaries to keep sheltered from the weather. These walls would-in effect- turn cities into fortresses of their own, with military bases using limited terraforming equipment to keep storms at bay in a perimeter around important installations. throughout the years between colonisation and the formation of the CLA, the planet would be mercilessly picked upon by pirate groups who sought to sell on metallic cargo mined on the planet. This operation would go too far when pirates would attempt a coup to hold a city hostage to produce mineral themselves, only for a UNCE destroyer to be sent in to level the area to  stop the enemy gaining control of the area. The attack- while stopping the operation- caused massive collateral damage, killing hundreds of thousands of civilians. These civilians would include the families of soldiers stationed in Base Stormbreaker, ending in a mutiny by the commanders and soldiers of the base in favour of the militias, organising them into a unified force. Due to the fortress-like nature of the world, the cities would be fairly safe from attack and the newly-formed CLA would make Exilion their temporary capital.

In 2214, peace talks would be held on Exilion's moon- Thafiri- only to be bombed by CLA insurgents. The CLA would proceed to devastate the outer land of farms and blockade the world, forcing a CLA surrender in weeks. Ever since then, Exilion would remain a large exporter of minerals until mining would make the planet's crust weak, causing a full evacuation of it's (Roughly) 66,000,000 inhabitants. As of 2702, the planet is deserted, being mainly a place for scavengers to try their luck finding technology that hasn't been picked from the world already. As such, it was ignored by the S'pher in their campaign, and is deserted of life.

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