"What it lacks in bullets in makes up for in firepower. It'll rip through pretty much everything you put in front of it."

-Arms Master Davenport on the HP-Series


Packing a 7.62x51mm IMPS round, the HP pistols are the only pistols large enough to use rifle rounds in their firing rather than pistol rounds. However, it only holds six bullets which are slow to fire. The HP is the most widespread pistol in service, sporting several variations and is known for its reliability in any diverse weather condition.


The first Heavy Pistol- the HP1- was created on Exilion before the outbreak of war. It was initially developed by soldiers stationed on Exilion for use because of the M930's shortcomings in the dust-ridden environment, but soon became widespread on many worlds and used by CLA against the UNCE. It was considered a much better alternative replacement to the M930 with soldiers often preferring to pick it up and use it in place of their inferior weapons.

After the Exilion Wars, the UNCE took over manufacture of the HP. It was soon combined with the M930 to make the pistol smaller and lighter, though its constructuion still made it fairly heavy. This variant named the HP2- constructed by PKFT, would become the most widely used pistol in the Imperium by both military and improvised factions.

Other VariantsEdit

Due to its widespread nature, the HP2 is often improvised and modified.


Much like its other 'E' counterparts, the HP"-E has all silencing features removed and a lighter construction for space combat.


While not a full variant, the 'R' of this variant is due to the replacement of a magazine in favour of a revolver-like body.

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