"M930? They're okay. I would prefer a HP or AP, but the M9 is good for keeping quiet, I guess."

-Arms Master Davenport, on the M930 sidearm


Sporting the lowest-caliber round in the entire UCE arsenal, the M930 is generally regarded as a joke throughout most warfare divisions. However, it is still an effective weapon in combat, despite bing not as powerful as the HP-Series sidearms. Because of the smaller caliber, it can hold more ammo at 21 rounds compared to the HP's 6. It also has a faster firing rate and more accuracy at longer ranges due to the smaller caliber, and is generally smaller in design. This allows for it to be stored easier than the HP.

History Edit

The M930 has remained functionally unchanged since the 21st century with only minor adjustments to its mechanism. The pistol was often used during the Exilion Wars by the UNCE but became outmatched by the CLA's Heavy Pistols in short range. Reverse engineering of the HP, crossed with refinements from the M930 would create the HP2, which would begin to phase out the M9 over the years, only to be used by commanders as a personal sidearm.

It regained popularity among private security corporations after ISMC gained its schematics and began to create it as a smaller pistol for ISF and CP roles. However, it never regained popularity due to the PK30's success.

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