"Keeping the peace on any Imperial world."

-PKM4 Advertising slogan


The PKM4 rifle is a derivative of the M231 Standard Assault Rifle used by almost all UCE infantry forces. It is extremely common and fires the same IMPS rounds as other rifles- though police forces use less lethal ammunition as military. It has a 25 round magazine, though it is interchangeable with the M231's EXPL rounds. It is produced by Peacekeeper Force Technology and is part of the Peacekeeper weaponry line, designed as a series of weapons for police forces on Imperium worlds.


Designed at the Queenshead Facility on Secundus, the PKM4 was adapted from the vastly successful M231 rifle . It was designed with a similar aesthetic initially, though later adapted to the PFT black/ orange colour scheme and a slightly more rounded look. It would become the primary rifle of ISF units due to PFT's involvement in the Alpha-Five program.

Before the PKM4, the M416-Q would also be created as a heavier rifle, though this would not gain as much favour in the military as the successor. Nonetheless, it would begin to gain favour throughout ISF heavy teams until the Fall of the Imperium.

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