"PK's are good. In some cases, better than military equipment. Why the CP need that firepower, I will never know."

-Arms Master Davenport, regarding the Peacekeeper weapons


Peacekeeper Force Technology would come into play soon after the Imperium's formation, offering a line of weapons specially designed for policing and enforcing security on populated worlds. These weapons of all types would be employed by CP and ISF for years to come, with the weapons even becoming a staple armament of UCE Intelligence Division teams and Alpha-Five 'Peacekeeper' teams. These weapons can be commonly recognised by the 'PK' initials in the weapon's service number. All Peacekeeper weapons are manufactured and tested at the Queenshead facility on Secundus.

Weapons ManufacturedEdit

PKFT has manufactured a weapon for every classification in the UCE archives.

Assault RiflesEdit


  • PK40
  • HP2-PPC


  • (PK)R501-C

Submachine GunsEdit

  • PK303

Light Machine Guns*Edit

  • PKL6

Heavy Machine Guns*Edit

  • H3PK

Sniper rifles*Edit

  • PK80


  • PKG51
  • PK/LAW


  • PK30
  • HP2
  • HP2-E
  • AP2
  • - Denotes weapons used almost exclusively by A-5 operatives and extreme riot control measures
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