"When deciding where to live on our newest colony, bear in mind that there are no seasons, and therefore no change in weather."

-A Guide to Planetary Colonisation, 2120 Edition


One of two habitable worlds in the Epsilon Eradni system, Secundus was the second extrasolar planet colonised by humans in 2119, followed by Tertius shortly after. Secundus was made famous for having a tilt of 0 degress, meaning there are no seasons on the planet, making weather much more predictable. This made buildings much easier to build, as only one climate would need to be incorporated rather than changing ones. This also made settlements much more concentrated on specific areas, as certain areas were much more temperate than others. Nonetheless, this planet would eventually gain a total population of 5 Billion before the S'pher assault.

When the S'pher invaded, the UCE would gain their first victory in the battle, by slipping their fleet in behind the attacking armada and destroying the singularity cores inside them before they could react. Landing craft would land on the surface, however and be repelled by the outnumbering human soldiers. This attack would reduce the population by a few hundred million, but would remain stable compared to other worlds. Finally, the planet would fall in 2663, almost ten years later. In this time, the UCE would use this world as a forward base for conducting military operations around Sol. Secundus would become heavily militarised, with extensive bunker regions being built and all populace inducted into the war effort. 

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