"The guys that control the Imperium Archives? You'd better not piss off those guys."


The heart of the SPECWAR Group, UCE Intelligence is the primary command and control for anything covered by covert operations. They are led by the DIrector, a rank on the admiralty board. Alongside sorting through and collecting intel on enemies, they also send out cover agents into field operations that are often not seen for months or years, acting undercover. The ID's final role is to manage the Imperial Archives, a dtabase of literally everything known to the Imperium and deciding what level of classification information gets. This role also tasks the ISF into arresting traitors and rebels.


The Intelligence Division was formed as the leader in the SPECWAR Group after the reformation of the UNCE to the UCE. This change resulted from the previous naming of being Naval Intelligence to becoming its own seperate branch of the military. As humans gained more and more control of the Imperium, the UCE Intelligence gradually gaind control of and absorbs other intelligence/ archive units. Eventually, though the precise date is not clear, the Great Archives- a collective sum of all knowledge from the beginning of the earliest recorded Beserker history to the constantly updated findings of the Collective-Union War only years before. In the years that followed this, the Intelligence Division began transcribing all known human history into the Archive- an effort which would take 15 years. At the same time, this division would also begin the mass production of propaganda and create the 'Archive Rank', along with the Order of species and the profiling of weapons technology. 

The Intelligence Division was also responsible for the Alpha section of operatives. One such section- Alpha-Five- would eventually break away in secret around the time of  complete human takeover. The effects of this would not be felt for centuries afterwards.

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